another day, another blog.

I know, I know. Another blog? Really, Charlotte?


Well, first: because I am weird and incredibly indecisive.

And second: because I need to.

I have this thing where things have to be perfect. My blogs before stressed me out. Looking at them, putting content on them. I find my mind worrying and stressing about how my blog appears. They do not bring me joy. And that is what I am working on. I want everything that I have in my life, physically and created, to have meaning.  I could just work on my other blog(s) and perfect what I already have, but I love to start from scratch. I get these ideas in my little head that “can only work” if I begin from nothing. So, that is what I am doing.

I wanted a blog where I could share my work and my life in harmony. Charlotte Buckle Photography is still alive and well, but I am packin’er up and moving her over here. I felt like CB Photo became too clustered and my life was mixing with my work. Here, I will have separate locations for each to help those who visit navigate with ease as well as make easier on myself.

I love working on my photography and I love sharing my life. One day, I hope to be able to mix the two comfortably and professionally. For now, I am keeping things simple, easy, and smooth as buttah!

With all of this being said, welcome to The Return Ticket! A blog where memories of others and of my own are kept to come back to in times of nostalgia.


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