a solo valentine’s.

I have always had a love for love day. Watching couples be all cute, the floral arrangements that decorate the stores, and of course, the boxes of chocolate! Yum! Having someone to share the day with is obviously more desired than spending it alone. This year, my husband, Mark, is away (for a month and a half!), so love day will be a day of self love for me!

Mark didn’t have the time (or thought) to get me flowers, so I said, “Why not get some yourself?”, and I did! Honestly, picking out your own flowers is better than expecting your loved one to a) think of getting them, and b) getting ones that you aren’t in love with. Of course, I had to have a mini-photoshoot with my flowers to show them off.

A few other things that I have done and plan to do this Valentine’s Day are:

  • Attempt to find my inner artist by drawing lots of hearts and x’s + o’s.
  • Get my sweat on at the gym (gotta get that self love glow).
  • Have lots of play time and cuddles with all of my furry friends.
  • Get “dolled” up for no reason and document it via Stella – yes, I have named my camera. Doesn’t everyone??
  • Spend some time with some ladies who’s guys are also away (Yay! Galentine’s!)
  • Read in my little corner the memories and witty humour of Anna Kendrick in her book Scrappy Little Nobody. She is my spirit animal and hugging her is on my Bucket List (should I share that someday? Hmm..).

That is my fabulous plan for this solo Valentine’s Day. I am genuinely looking forward to tomorrow and showing some much need love to myself.

You don’t need someone to buy you flowers or chocolates. You can treat yourself to whatever it is you want! Everyday is love day. Show yourself some love, your friends some love, your loved ones some love, your dog, cat, bird, snake, rabbit (you get the point) some love. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. ❤



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