Bon Echo Provincial Park, ON.

The days are finally starting to warm here in Southern Ontario! The snow is melting at a decent rate, the sun’s warmth feels great on the skin, and the streets are filling up with people slowly breaking out of their winter hibernation. This past weekend, I was able to cross off one of the spots I wanted to get to this year – Bon Echo Provincial Park! It is just an hour and some north of Belleville and features towering trees, peaceful streams that gently make their way through the park, an abundance of trails – perfect for cross country skiing, snowshoeing or just frolicking along in your warm winter boots -, hills and cliffs in the distance, and currently beautifully frozen lake!

Parks are normally deserted in the winter months but that is what makes it the best time to go! You practically have the whole place to yourself. And the area looks completely different during the cold season. The dusting of snow adds a little magic to the area and the contrast of the colours of nature (browns and greens) really pop and add a very cozy feel to the park.

If you have the time and the itch to get outside for a peaceful walk in the woods, it is the perfect time to go to Bon Echo and take in the (hopefully) little bit of winter that we have left!




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