Project: Selfie – 365 days of Me

Spur of the moment decisions are normally the ones that stick. That is what I am hoping will be the case for this project. I am going to attempt the Project 365: Self Portrait Edition. This basically means that I will be taking a photo of myself for 365 days. Yes, that is right. I will possibly have 365 days of selfies – but taken with my Canon and edited!

Why am I doing this? I was browsing good ol’ Pinterest when I came upon this pin that had a few really cool photos and the caption below talking about 18 year old, Alex Stoddard, who was doing 365 days of self portraits. Each photo was brilliant and you could see how his photography was growing and morphing into something truly spectacular and all his own. And I wanted that! So, that is why I am doing this. I hope to fine tune my photography and editing skills, sharping my imagination, and discover who I am as a person and as a photographer.

Pretty much, this is a self-discovery journey and I hope that you will follow along and maybe I will spark something in you to begin your own type of journey!

Warning: I am not a model and therefore have no idea how to “pose” pretty (yet!). Many of the photos you are about to witness over the next year will quite possibly be extremely awkward. I am an awkward person. You have been warned. 🙂



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