Day 2/365: Waiting Game

I can be a very impatient person. I hate waiting for things. If you have ever driven with me during a busy time of the day – when all the crazy drivers seems to be out – then you have seen this side of me. But there are some things – or people, in this case – that are very much worth waiting for.

With being a military spouse, waiting is inevitable – and it sucks. Your significant other is gone more often than your average joe. So, you prepare yourself for their absence. It could be a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and for some of the unlucky ones out there, it could be over a year. Thankfully, this waiting period is only for a little over a month.

This time around, I don’t find myself curled up in the corner, mascara bleeding all over my face, because I miss him so much or that I feel so alone that it makes my body ache. Not living near home makes these weeks without my best friend that much harder. But I like to remind myself that with each new day comes new opportunity so to make the best of it. And when that day ends, Mark and I are one day closer to being together again.

The waiting game feels long, but the moment that person returns… the wait was worth it.

Only fourteen days to go!

Happy Friday, folks!



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