Little Bluffs| Prince Edward County, ON

Made it out again with my favourite adventure duo! We decided to stick closer to home and visit the little bluffs in Prince Edward County!

I have been living here since August 2016 and I still want to call it Prince Edward Island (anyone else?). The county is a beautiful spot with so much to offer! For the adventurer, it is a perfect spot for an afternoon outdoors! Especially little bluffs!

Little Bluffs is simply gorgeous! It is tucked away in stunning part of PEC. It is by this beautiful blue-green water that is framed by rocks – perfect for skipping – and a small but magnificent cliffside. Before you get to the waterside, you first have to walk through a quiet wooded area that, in the warmer months, will be full and bring even more life to the area. This time of year, it seems to not be visited by many, which makes this the perfect time to go!

It is the ideal afternoon spot to visit and to take in the beauty the county brings!


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