Day 5/365: Mondaze.

I don’t have regular weeks. I work part-time and my weeks are never the same. The rest of the time, I am a hermit. And I strongly enjoy being a hermit, thank you very much!

But Monday’s still feel like Monday’s.

Your eyes open heavily but you wish they hadn’t, so your morning is already off to a bad start. Your body is telling you what you want to hear, “Don’t get up. Stay in bed where it is warm and the pillows cuddle your head just right”, but your mind is telling you that you have to get up and deal with this loathed day. Then you angrily force your body to sit up and then your Monday has commenced.

And thus, you begin your week, only to be lusting for the most loved day of the week: Friday (gotta have cereal, anyone?).



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