Day 6/365: Embracing the “flaws”.

Yes, another day where I get a little bit real with ya’ll. My anxiety is shooting through the roof, so go gentle on me, will ya?

As I mentioned in day 3 of this project, I “suffer” from adult acne. I have two words to sum up what it is like to have this issue: it. sucks. You wake up and you not only have messy hair, morning breath, those annoying eye crustys, and really dry lips from 8 hours of no water – I need my 8 hours or I am an even bigger annoyance to the world – but you are also able to see what the stresses of adulthood brings all. over. your. face! It’s not pretty. At least, it’s not to me.

I am less than a week into this project and I already feel a little more confident in myself. Confident enough to take the first photo ever of my naked face and share it with the internet and social media. Confident enough to share a photo where you can see my pores, the dark circles under my puffy morning eyes, my dry lips, my slightly crooked nose that has one nostril larger than the other, a tiny double chin – I will name her Fran -and of course, all of my lovely little scars from stressing over nothing, having a very prominent sweet tooth, and picking away in hopes of helping the pesky zits to go away faster – fun fact: they don’t!

But just because I have these scars, giant pores, and a crooked nose with one larger nostril, does not mean that I am not a beautiful person. And that is what I hope to portray over these 365 days. I want to show people the real me. The side that I may not be able to share because of my uncomfortable nature around people.

My hope with these 365 days of me sharing my life with you, is that I learn to accept myself. I want to not only accept my flaws but learn to embrace them. I hope to become a person who loves myself and shares that love with others (if that makes sense). I want to feel incredible in my skin, scars and all. And this same hope extends out to all of you!

No one is perfect but everyone is capable of being a beautiful human.



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