Day 7/365: Light it up.

I thought I would lighten things up today – pun absolutely intended!

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the beautiful, strong, loving, dedicated, hardworking, unbeatable, inspiring, extraordinary women of the world!

Thank you to all of the women that are and have been in my life. Each one of you bring something unique to my life and help/ have helped shape me into the woman I am today. And I feel like I am not too shabby of a person. 😉

An especially huge, gigantic, gargantuan, monumental ( is a wonderful thing) thank you to my mother, Rebecca. She is such a strong woman who truly puts others before herself. She raised me to be a free spirit, to keep trying when I failed, to go for what I want, and to give every one the respect they deserve. She never got mad at me when I did poorly on a Math test – which happened a lot more often than I would have liked it to. She would say, “Did you try your best?”, and I would normally say yes – let’s be honest, I could have always done better – and she would reply, “Then that is all that matters. You will do better next!”. And that is what I love most about my mom; she always sees the best in (most) scenarios. She is a glass all the way full kind of woman. She is my best friend in the whole world (sorry Annie and Mark!)!

And she also gave birth to me, so that automatically makes her a pretty rad woman #1 in my books!

I love you, Mom!

And a massive thank you to all of the wonderful men out there – especially those in my life – who support, encourage and stand by our sides!

Together, we can light up the world and conquer any obstacle that comes our way!

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