Potter’s Creek, Belleville, ON.

I love winter, I do, but I’m over it. THerene thing that I will miss about this season – if it ever decides to leave – is the quiet. How people go out of their way to avoid the cold. That makes it the perfect time to go outdoors. It’s just you, the arthritic sounds of the trees bending with the wind, the whooshing of the water crashing on the shore, the water so blue, and the faint sound of birds that brave the cold along with us. It’s all so serene.

I decided to get out on a very frigid evening to catch the last light of the day. My destination was the Quinte Conservation Headquarters, Potter’s Creek. This spot may just be my favourite, and I haven’t even explored it all yet. It’s the perfect spot to go that isn’t far from home or town but feels far enough. I have done two photo sessions here and I can see why people come here to have their photos done. It’s a photographer’s paradise. And the perfect place to get away, de-stress, and enjoy the quiet moments.


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