Day 12, 13 + 14: Cold days, pretending to be a model, and awkward dancing.

Um, it’s cold. And has been for too long. On top of the cold: snow. Yes, the white stuff that everyone hates but that I normally love. I am just ready for fricken’ Spring to get here and stop teasing us with a random warm day and then revealing that it was actually Winter in disguise… it’s disgusting and no one wants it. On plus side, I have been enjoying a mid-day bath every day this week to get warm and because I am a 3 year old who loves having baths.

Another favourite pastime? Blaring music so loud that my voice matches perfectly with the singer’s and dancing around foolishly (I look so awkward, haha!). I may be a small and timid being, but I can belt out music like no other. If you’ve ever seen me sing Lady Marmalade at karaoke night at Westside Charlie’s (in New Minas, Nova Scotia), then you’d know. I am the queen of Christina Aguilera impressions. 😉

Sellff (3 of 4) copyself (2 of 2)-2Sellff (3 of 4)-2


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