Day 15|16|17|18|19|20|21: Overload.

Sorry for the overload of photos! This past week… woah. I can’t remember being this busy. With working on this project, another project, having my brother come to visit and my husband coming home for a day and some, it has been non-stop! I liked it though. Now that I am alone again, my brain has been racing, and the loneliness is settling in fast. This self portrait project has really helped me keep my thoughts in check and have something to always be working on when there is nothing else to do.

I won’t lie, it is very difficult to keep up and try to find new ways to capture my feelings the way I want to every single day, but that is what makes it fun. I am learning how to express myself and my feelings through something that fills me with joy. It is still weird to take so many photos of this face, this body, this strange being that I am still unsure of after 25 (almost 26) years. But I like it. I like the challenge, I like the work, and I like the response.

You all have been so incredible and I will continue to express my gratitude throughout this journey. You are all amazing. And I can never thank you enough for following along. ❤

Much love. Week 3 of 52: done!

sellf (1 of 1)sellf (2 of 7)sellf (3 of 7)sellf (7 of 7)Sellff (1 of 4)-2sellf (2 of 5)sellf (5 of 5)


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