Day 22|23|24|25|26|27|28: finding balance among chaos.

I am sensitive. Too sensitive. And being a person who is delicate, I encounter a lot of stress. The littlest things, along with bigger things (obviously), stress me the *beep* out. I will break down, cry, panic, etc. Being married to someone in the forces causes a lot of that stress – not blaming or complaining, it’s just a fact. And for a 5″1ish woman, the stress builds up quickly (less area to get through – height not width).

Back in 2013, I started dappling in the world of yoga. I had just started really getting into weightlifting with Mark and I wanted something that brought a little less stress to my body along with helping my lack of flexibility. It has done both of those things and for a while, I fell off of the yoga wagon. Recently, I have come back to it to help me deal with my husband being gone so much and feeling a little lost at times. It, along with weightlifting, has truly brought some ease in times of mental chaos.

If you have not tried, have been wanting to try yoga but are too afraid to go to class or do not know where to start, I strongly recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It’s free, you can do it whenever you please, and Adriene Mishler is the absolute best human being!

A good sweat followed by a meaningful practice … you just can’t beat it!

Namaste ❤



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