Hello, April.

Puddle jumpers, rejoice! April has arrived 🙂

I love April. I have since I knew what months were and what birthday’s meant. Yes, April is my birthday month. I am that girl who celebrates her birthday all. month. long. When I want something, I will use the phrase,  “but it’s my birthday month”, along with a pouty lip, and BAM! the magic is done.

Besides my birthday, and most years Easter, April is the month of Spring. Everything kind of looks gross, and the April Showers do tend to “dampen” (Heh) moods but it is all worth it for the life that it brings. Buds begin to pop, the birds are back and singing, the air is warmer but not uncomfortably warm, layers are lost, and people begin to break out of their winter hibernation. Everything comes back to life!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer. I enjoy the heat as much as I enjoy the cold (yes, I like the cold – sometimes). But Spring is just… perfect. April is perfect.

Happy Birthday to all of my fellow April babies out there!

And Happy April to all! 🙂


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