Days 41|42|43 |44|45

When you just sit in silence,

the wind blows through you,

the sun shines in you,

and you realize you are not your body,

you are everything.

– Anita Krizzan –

My first week as a 26 year old has been a pretty sweet one. I am learning to embrace change, go with the flow, and relax even though things are happening that I don’t want to happen – aka. house training our puppy that does not want to be house trained… I have not slept in past 7am and my husband and mother have both been quite sick with the cold that I passed onto them.

But life has been awesome. I wake up (not when I want to) and I want to go somewhere or do something new! So, 26 isn’t so bad after all. 🙂

PS. Mark and I are trying to decide whether we should travel around Newfoundland or the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia) for our vacation later on this year. We love both areas seeing as we are from the East – NL + NS – so it is hard to choose which one. Any suggestions would be awesome!!

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