Days 46|47|48|49|50|51|52: Suns out. Buns out(side).

When the sun is out, my buns stay covered but they do get outside! The weather here in the Bay of Quinte area has been lovely, to say the least. Mother Nature has been kind to us here, and I have been showing my appreciation for her and Mother Earth (we have a lot of mother’s) by giving back. I have made it my mission to learn how to grow and care for flowers! I wanted to attempt food but I just don’t have the drive to do that (yet!). I just think that flowers are the absolute best! And I am so excited (a little too excited maybe) to hopefully grow my own flowers, learn where to find the best bulbs, seeds, and plants in the area, and maybe gather some wisdom from local growers!

I don’t know what to expect but the suspense is thrilling!

Also, I may share some blurry photos and that is only because I am trying to keep things real. This project is not going to be super “professional” or artsy. It is me. I am neither of those things, haha!

april (5 of 13)self (1 of 12)self (2 of 12)self (5 of 12)self (6 of 12)self (10 of 12)self (11 of 12)


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