The shirt.

You are about to learn how weird I really am. Well, you may have already figured that out or you know me. Either way, Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I have found my “soul shirt”.

Two perks of being a stock associate at your favourite clothing store are: 1) You get to see the new merch before it hits the floor and make a mental note/ list on your phone of which pieces you want, and 2) It is the perfect place for a socially awkward person to work who is afraid of dealing with rude customers (I know not all customers are rude) because she is too sensitive. The former is definitely the best part!

When I opened the box with this (and the other band t’s that I will hopefully have a chance to get my hands on before they are sold out), I knew… this was the shirt. There was no way I was leaving the store without this in my hands (paid for, obvi.).

This is a band that I actually listen to! And even if I didn’t, I, along with the rest of the world, would know at least one song by them by heart!

I am sure that you can tell how truly excited I am about this shirt. I have never loved a piece of clothing so much in my life. It is perfect and I cannot thank American Eagle enough for having cute clothes and jumping on the band-t’s “band”wagon (heh, get it?).

Anywho, that is all I have to say. If you have read this whole thing, I am sorry. You literally read a post about a shirt. On the bright side… well, there isn’t really a bright side. You read this. And are still reading this. Sorry.


Check out for this shirt and all of the crazy cute stuff coming out this month. Trust me, you will want pretty much everything.

(I am not being paid for this, though I wish I was!)

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