I suck at this…

I am one of those people… the person who starts something but then soon starts to follow along a completely different path. I have a short attention span when it comes to certain things. This self portrait project is one of those things apparently. I want my photos to be interesting and fun but simple and sharp. I am not the most confident person, so taking my camera out and setting up a tri-pod in public is hard for me (I’m working on it!).

So, friends, amigos, mes amis, bare with me. I am still going to produce 365 self-portraits, just not in the original time frame as planned!



may 15 (3 of 4)may 15 (4 of 4)may 10 (5 of 7)


One thought on “I suck at this…

  1. Never forget you are a beautiful person both inside and out, Never let anyone make you feel any different and always follow your dreams and dream big.


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