Cloudy Friday Thoughts.

You start something on your own.

You get into it. Things seem to be going well.

Then, you either lose motivation, enthusiasm, drive, or things start to get difficult.

You see the success of others and think, “Wow. They make it look so easy.”

Yes, I am talking about myself and my “photography business”, Charlotte Buckle Photography.

I am horrible for seeing other people’s success and feeling awful for myself. But I know that they did not get to where they are by comparing themselves to other people. They worked their asses off to get where they are and they continue to work hard every. single. day. They are not perfect (no one is) which they know and accept. Accepting your imperfections is something that I feel most people struggle with, myself included.

Our imperfections are our “edge”. They are that thing or things that we ‘bring to the table’. Whether it be how you capture your photos, edit them, interact with your clients, etc., your imperfections, your uniqueness is what draws people in.

Instead of fighting to be “perfect” or “not so weird” (is that even possible?), try embracing it! I wish I thought more like my 10 year old self did. The girl who wore a red tie-dye shirt with bright orange tie-dye capri pants. The girl who never did her hair and didn’t care. The girl with a big nose (it’s still there!), small eyes, crooked teeth, and acted like a freakin’ weirdo (still do!) but (probably) had more friends then than she does now (I grew into a hermit). I want to incorporate more of that way of thinking into my photography business – excluding the terrible wardrobe choices.

I want people to like me for me and not choose me because I may be cheaper than someone else (or not like me for my pricing). I want people to appreciate my work, my ‘realness’ (authenticity?) and my ability to capture authentic moments. I want to create a business where clients feel appreciated – because without them, life would be lame and I wouldn’t be here – writing a blog, which I actually really enjoy. I want my photos to bring back happy memories, create feeling, and start conversations.

All in all, I want a lot of things (sorry for the tangent), but I need to take a step back and look at how far I have come. I need to appreciate the work I have done, the opportunities that photography has given me and where it will take me in the future!

I am so excited that a) I have this blog to pour my thoughts on and share my work on, b) I have all of you to share my feelings and experiences with (the world wide web is a blessing), and c) I am able to do something fun that I absolutely love all while meeting new people!

I need to start listening to what my adorable notebooks say and be “wild & free” and start letting in “Good Vibes Only”.


may 25 (1 of 4)

In any case, I am finished blabbering (for now). These cloudy days have me sitting by the window, pondering life and acting all moody and cool. You know how it is.

may 26 (1 of 1).jpg

Happy Friday!


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