(not a) Long (enough) Weekend.

I realize this is going up a tad late but sometimes life actually gets busy! So please, bear with me as I organize my life a little bit. New post coming tomorrow (it’s a mushy one)!


Ah, May. The month of flowers (showers this year), warmer days, and May 2-4 (Victoria Day).

If you are Canadian, you know what “May 2-4” means. It means camping, bon fires, road trips, BBQs, adventures. A Monday that becomes a Sunday because (most) people don’t work! It’s the long weekend that everyone needs before June. It’s every Canadian’s jam.

This particular Victoria Day weekend was our first one spent in Ontario. Mark and I decided to head to the County and “be engulfed by mosquitos that aren’t mosquitos because they didn’t really bite but they were definitely mosquitos”. We headed to one of my favourite spots in the County and that is Little Bluff. This spot has the most beautiful water, some pretty spectacular views of mini cliffs and shoreline, and many a wood to frolic in.

Mark thought that this would be a great spot to teach me something new: Rappelling! Seeing as it was my first time ever doing something like this, he took it easy on me and had me practice on a very gentle incline. It was so fun to try and now we are always on the lookout for spots to go to the next level (if you know of any spots, shoot me a message)!

Long weekends always teach me something and this one taught me that time is precious and I need to experience as many new things as I possibly can – especially with Mark!

may 20 (1 of 11)may 20 (6 of 11)may 20 (8 of 11)may 20 (9 of 11)may 20 (2 of 11)may 20 (5 of 11)




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