On June 9th, my name was on the shelves in the Bay of Quinte.

That’s right, your girl is technically a published photographer and writer! How cool is that?!

No, it is not a big time magazine or paper. It is however, the discovery/ travel guide for the Bay of Quinte in Southern Ontario, which is still pretty cool! Just look at how cute it is?! Don’t you just want to have this sitting on your coffee table?

I love it!

And I am so proud of myself for following through on this incredible opportunity that was given to me, even though I have not even lived here for a year! I never imagined my work or my words to be available to the public (excluding this blog, obviously). It feels incredible to have accomplished something like this.

I am so grateful to the incredible team who put together this year’s awesome discovery guide, for allowing me to be apart of it, and for breaking me out of my comfort zone (without knowing it).

Big moments come in small feats. This was and is a big moment for me. And I couldn’t have done it without this blog, the people reading it, and the people on it – my clients/family/friends!

Thank you for following along and for being awesome!

If you ever find yourself in the Bay of Quinte area, make sure to pick one these beauties up and check out all of the other great contributors (like Catherine Coe )!

Happy Monday! ❤


june 10 (3 of 3)june 12 (5 of 5)


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