My Story: Photography.

I think like many photographers, I started using a camera when I was pretty young.

My dad was, and still is, huge on getting the camera out, taking photos or grabbing a quick video of the moment. I always loved having our childhood memories captured and being able to go back and look at them or to watch the hilarious things that we did. I suppose that is where it all started. My dad got me my first film camera and a star was born – just kidding, but you get what I mean.

When I purchased my first DSLR camera (technically it was purchased for me – thank you, Mark!), I had no intention of making this hobby into a possible “career”. I would take photos of my extremely handsome husband (he was blessed with some pretty sweet genes!), our pets, and the situations that we get ourselves into. That is still mostly what I do, but now I have added friendly strangers and friendly friends into the mix! I appreciate photography for pushing me outside of my comfort zone, for forcing me to meet up and converse complete strangers, all while trying to get them to smile and not feel awkward with me practically spying on them. I love that photography is something that you can never master. You are always growing and learning. There is always something new. The people, the locations, the equipment, the conversations. It never gets old, boring or drab. It’s forever exciting!

For someone who has no idea who she is or wants to be, photography has given me the chance to shape who I am. To give myself a name, a spot in this gigantic world. It has given me incredible opportunities that I could have never imagined. And though there may be a gazillion (an exaggeration) photographers out there, each one of us is completely unique! Our eyes, our equipment, our geographical location, our thoughts, our conversations, our clients, all the way down to our editing software and style. We are all different and we control our fate, our fortune, our success.

That is why I love doing this. I love the feeling I get when I grab my camera, whether I am heading to a shoot or just out on an adventure. I feel free and in control.

I have tried to write this post about 5 times now, and I keep thinking of more things to say that don’t necessarily blend with my other thoughts, so I will stop here.

But, the moral of the story (my story): Photography is awesome. I love it. And I can’t wait to see where it takes me a year from now!

And that is that!

Enjoy the following random photos. 🙂

june (2 of 2)June 14 (1 of 2)June 14 (2 of 2)june 12 (3 of 5)may 22 (8 of 9)


One thought on “My Story: Photography.

  1. Photography is awesome indeed, no wonder it’s the most popular hobby in the world right now. However, not all the gazillion photographers out there manage to keep the passion alive for a long time. This is the main ingredient for pushing your own limits: keeping your passion fresh. Congrats if you succeeded!


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