Happy 150th, Canada!

Canada Day is pretty sweet!

Most people don’t work (sorry Timmie’s workers, we need our Canadian fix!), things are happenin’, and you have the day to do whatever you before catching the fireworks that mark the end of the day. It’s awesome!

This Canada Day, we gifted ourselves (with Mark’s money – thanks, Marky-Mark!) a couple of kayaks! Neither of us knew how to kayak but we really wanted a summer activity that we could do essentially anywhere. And we came up with kayaking, haha! But we love it! It is such a fun hobby to have and an incredible privilege to be able to have these things. This purchase was one our most researched and we were pretty pumped to find a local family-run business, ClearWater Designs, that produces right on site and is 15 minutes from us!

But anywho, we had a wonderful Canada Day, even with the weather’s mood swings, and summer is now in full swing and I am ready for it (be prepared for an obnoxious amount of kayak picks)!

I hope that you all had a fantastic and safe Canada Day or July 1st!

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