the greatest little city.


I have a TON of photos from our recent visit back home – well, my home – to Nova Scotia, so let’s get started with the sharing!

I don’t want to make all of the upcoming life posts to be super long and dragged on, because, as I am sure you can tell from previous posts, I can chat. So, I will try to keep *most* of these post short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves!

Our first stop was one of my favourite Eastern cities (2nd to Halifax/ Corner Brook, NL – they are tied), Fredericton!!

It’s just the greatest little city with so much going on, friendly folks that say hello when you walk past them, lots of people using the great trails that have been put in place, and it is just so darn beautiful! I love this spot and it is a high contender of places that we may possibly move to in the future. 🙂

Have you been to Fredericton? Let me know!

And a huge thank you to the wonderful people at the Fredericton Inn for upgrading us to the honeymoon suite due to over-booking! It’s got a great location, – right next to the mall and theatre! – great people, and great rooms! (I am not being paid to say these things)

Also, I am totally down to travel to Freddy and do photos (lifestyle, engagements, weddings, whatever you want!)! If you are interested, let a girl know! I will be there yesterday 🙂


July 31 (1 of 29)
Our view from the Fredericton Inn at the top of the city.

July 31 (2 of 29)July 31 (3 of 29)July 31 (4 of 29)July 31 (5 of 29)July 31 (6 of 29)July 31 (8 of 29)July 31 (14 of 29)July 31 (16 of 29)July 31 (17 of 29)


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