This is my farewell to the kindest, most fun-loving dog, Beans.

Beans wasn’t our dog, but I was their honorary Auntie Charlotte. I loved Beans like he was my own dog. He was precious, always a smile on his face, and just the sweetest personality of any dog I know. He was a snuggler and snorer. He was perfect.

It’s times like these when I wish I had taken out the camera more. I come to the end of my photos of Beans and all I want is more. There isn’t enough. But from this terrible loss, I have learned to never miss the opportunity to capture a moment forever. To have those return tickets to a time less sad, less heartbreaking. To the memories that brought us such joy and happiness.

Beans, we love you so much, bub. You were such an incredible dog and a joy to watch grow from the sweetest little yoda-eared pup, to a handsome, chunky, and lovable dog. You were loved so insanely much by your parents, by us, and by those who had the chance to meet you.

We will miss you and never forget the joy that you brought into our lives.

Goodbye for now, Beanie.

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