unwanted visitors.

A letter to the people who broke into our home when I was away…

I came home on October 29th, after two days of driving in my little Nissan Sentra from Nova Scotia to Ontario with my three dogs and my Mom. To my surprise, I had unwanted visitors in my home at some point between October 6th and October 29th. My basement door was broken, things were taken and moved. Some one or some people decided they needed our things. And to them, I say this:

I hope that you really needed those things. I hope that you have a child that wanted an Xbox or Wii that can enjoy them as much as we did. I hope that you give that diamond horseshoe necklace to your soulmate. I hope that you watch The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit once a month with your favourite person or people. I hope that you make some money off our things to help you pay overdue bills or to put food on the table. I hope that everything else that you took, you use with great care and caution.

And lastly, I hope that this kind of thing never happens to you. That you always feel safe in your home. That you always come home to a place where everything is where it should be. That you and your family remains comfortable in your space.

Yes, I was absolutely livid. This is our first home that we have purchased together. A place where we have talked about growing our family. A place where we have dealt with adulthood punching us in the face but being able to laugh it off. And now this? You had been watching our house and knew that we were not there. You broke into our home. Our “safe” place. My first thoughts were “How could someone with a brain do this? How would they react if this happened to them?”. But that’s life I suppose.

My husband is safe. My pets are safe. I am safe. And I will never let anyone scare me out of my own house. I am ready to forgive and move on.

So, if you ever come back or you send friends, knock first.



** I am writing this for myself and for those who are having a tough time in their own lives. Forgiveness is hard, but it makes us stronger!**


3 thoughts on “unwanted visitors.

  1. Sometimes the very act of writing such a healing piece cleanses away the anger and in turn..leaves..STRENGTH..and THANKFULNESS ..that the truly irreplaceable..most important things..are SAFE and with you…GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS..


  2. SO sorry this happened, Charlotte! I’m sure no words can describe the feeling of your home and safe place being violated. I don’t know why some people can be so selfish and think that have any right to take things that aren’t theirs. Hopefully if they ever try something like this again they get caught and have to answer to their actions. I’m glad everyone is okay, and I hope you’re able to feel safe in your home again soon. ❤


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