Melissa + Dylan [Elopement] Roslin, ON.

This elopement goes down as my absolute favourite session/ photography moment of the year/ my photography career!

Melissa and Dylan created the most magical and intimate country elopement at the sweetest Air BnB in the community of Roslin, Ontario. The day was one of the hottest days, but they weren’t sweating a bit. They were ready to become husband and wife – two souls becoming one.

(Some of the photos were taken the night before, so technically they are engagement photos! A two for one in a two day span!)


2 thoughts on “Melissa + Dylan [Elopement] Roslin, ON.

  1. ohhhh girl. these photos are absolutely STUNNING. i feel transported into the warmest, fuzziest, loveliest of places jus tby looking at these! you’ve captured them so beautifully, a perfect memory of a special day ♥♥

    love the colours you’ve used as well, is this vsco? do i mute saturdation a little or are these colours straight out of camera? simply gorgeous.

    katie. xx


    1. Thank you so much! You are so kind!

      These are presets that I purchased. I believe they are Rooke and Rover ones, but I can’t quite recall. I did mute the saturation a tad with the greens and yellows on some!



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