cheers to 2018.

Ah, 2018.. welcome, my friend.

I am so ready to start a new year! I am not the best at making or keeping (emphasis on the latter) new year resolutions, but a new year just feels so good. It’s a ‘blank canvas’ as they say. It’s like buying a new planner (I have about 5 at the moment..) and you are just itching to fill that bad boy out with all of your plans, ideas, appointments. There is nothing bad about a new year – except when you continue to write the year before for about a month.

2018 is all about ‘experience’. I want to experience more, go places that I have never been to, get out of the house with my camera in hand and hit the open road or sky with my husband (fun-ish fact: I have a severe fear of flying. Love airports, hate being in the air šŸ™‚ – something else I need to work on this year! ). I find that Mark and I miss too many opportunities to create new experiences together and I want to change that this year. I am going to drag my best friend around whether he likes it or not (by dragging I mean asking very nicely until I get my way – and I get my way 99.9% of the time šŸ™‚ )!

Really, that is all I am/ can focus on this year. Obviously, I want to be healthy and fit, but both of those are ‘always-should-be-doing-but-cannot-resist-donuts’ types of things. Keeping a short list or an ‘umbrella-like’ resolution seems to work best for me.

I would love to know your resolutions! Or are you someone that thinks new years’ resolutions are a waste of time? Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe add one or two more to my list!

Happy New Year, friends!

And may 2018 bring you all the happiness that a year can bring!

christmas (26 of 27)
The Lookoff, Canning, Nova Scotia



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