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Hi there!

My name is Charlotte Buckle, people call me Char, Lottie, C, or Toad (long story). Really, I will respond to pretty much anything.

I have loved photography for the majority of my 26 years (yikes, old!) on this earth. I began dappling in the professional side of things officially since August 2016 but have been taking photos for others since the summer of 2015.

Here is a little bit about myself: I was born and raised in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and I am an East Coast/ Valley girl through and through – that Atlantic life can’t be beat! I recently moved from Brandon, Manitoba to Belleville, Ontario – a lot closer to home – where I live with my incredible husband of almost 5 years (June 1st), Mark, and our very own zoo (3 dogs and 1 cat). I love to explore, mostly by way of hiking, and discovering the vast beauty that God has blessed us with here on Earth. I am a HUGE animal lover – give me all the puppies and kittens! My favourite animal has always been an elephant (how can you not love those gentle giants!) and I also adore the unicorns of the sea, aka. narwhals. Some of my other favourite things include: reading mostly non-fiction – I love me some real-life inspiration! -, binge watching everything possible on Netflix, playing Halo with Mark, getting into difficult positions on my yoga mat, taking snaps of everything (duh!), and pretending that I know how to write!
I like to keep my photography style as “real” as possible. I try to create an atmosphere for my clients where they are comfortable and able to be themselves and just pretend that some crazy chick with a camera isn’t following them around! No robots here – it’s all about being your natural, beautiful self!

I refer to myself as a lifestyle photographer because I have shot families, couples, maternity, but I have dipped my toes into wedding photography recently and now I am ready to jump in! I am a natural light photographer – I try to interfere as little as possible during my shoots (ie. Not big on most props, no extra lighting tools, etc.). I shoot with a Canon 6D and currently have on my absolute favourite lens, a Sigma 35mm 1.4. I use Lightroom 5 to edit all of my photos  – someday I will brave the world of Photoshop!

If you are interested in having photos done, want information on pricing, want to work together (let’s be friends!), or you just want to chat (I’m a little shy but friendly!), shoot me a message over on my contact page!

Thank you for visiting my little internet-gallery of photography and every day happenings. 🙂


Photo: Taken by my lovely husband and edited by me.